November 2015

The synergy is the key to cross-industries development

—— LeMine Investment Group Powered Futurera 2015

Futurera 2015

Futurera 2015 was staged on November 29th, 2015 and is proud to announce the successful night and conclusion at Daniels Spectrum, Toronto. The event explored the possible development and intersection of technology, fashion, visual arts and experimental music. The 2015 event co-hosts included Art Calorie, Generative Lab and Yemo Indie Music and Culture Inc, and powered by LeMine Investment Group.

During this debut year event, Futurera had welcomed a total of up to 300 guests from multiple industries, including professionals and forerunners working in media, investment, art, and technology. They were a part of a larger audience, who enjoyed the show of designers Cher Li, Michael Zoff, Futu with MeU, and Dystropolis. These designers had showcased their own interpretations of crossover on our runway; some focused on the movement of fabrics, while others emphasized on the geometry, material, and ethnic uniqueness of fashion. Futurera also had the honour to present many novel explorations in accessory designs. Sylvia Zhang paper jewelry and Daniel Christian Tang 3D printed Jewelry had both demonstrated their experiments with a variety of materials.

Aside from the fashion show, Futurera also had the honour to present booths for Drumpants, BreqLabs, Angel Ho interactive light, Ear-o-Smart Wearable, and etc. These technology companies, startups, individual artists are at the forefront of Toronto’s collective effort towards innovation and ideas.

In addition, Futurera 2015 made efforts in bringing in international projects for presentations. Due to time constraint, many of the projects are only presented in the form of videos. The list includes: Haier M-Lab from China, Vega Wearable Light from Sweden-Canada, Modo by Mingka from China, Mo by YuxiCao, This City by Mark Eats from United States, Our Fractal Brains by Julius Horsthuis from Netherlands, speeC-EZ by iCreation from United States, Type Dynamics by Lust Lab from Netherlands, Mogees from United Kingdom, and an artistic collaborative program formed in 2001 by TeamLab based in Japan.

“It is the key to build up a team to understand multiple industries that can collaborate and cooperate; not only just passively put money in Music, in Fashion, in Arts or in Technology domains.” said Thomas Liu, CEO of Lemine Investment Group, “They need to know how to create the synergy between and among the industries. The synergy is the key. That’s why we support the creation of this event to create synergies, creativities, innovations and bring the mindset to people to collaborate.”

The event is privileged to have the support of community sponsors including Drake Hotel, Artscape, Startup Fashion Week, Digifest, Haier M-Lab, and CCCIA; commercial Sponsors including iSTARS Capital, Monde du Chocolat, Fabrikite, Nayake Studio, and Miln Mua Group; media sponsors including Art100, WOWTV, Toronto Snap, and Synced Technology Co. Your contributions have made this event possible and attributed to the forward development of multiple industries.

Speical thanks to our speakers: journalist Amanda Cosco, Startup Fashion Week founder Jodie Goodfellow, and York University Digital Media Professor Don Sinclair for inviting discussion and stimulating thoughts at the event.

Special thanks to our performers: SOMO+Undine Dance, VERSA, Secret Sign, and DJ Sun.

Special thanks to Harris Institute, York University, Startup Fashion Week, Electronic Runway, and Ryerson University.