January 2015

Thomas Liu, CEO of Lemine Investment Group

—— Person Of The Year In Real Estate

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, China’s market capitalization climbed to $4.48 trillion in 2014, a 33% increase, making China the second largest market in the world. The globalization of Chinese capital is a hallmark of the world’s economies today and has become an important global participant. How to properly utilize the capital power in contributing to the global economic development is a new challenge for all Chinese professionals overseas. As the industry pioneer, Thomas Liu has successfully built a secure global operating platform for Chinese Capital investing in Canada, which is recognized as LeMine Investment Group, a team of world-class executives with strong sense of social responsibility.

“PASSION, CARING, RESPONSIBILITY”-- the motto which leads Thomas and his team to matchmaking Chinese Capital and Canadian opportunities, by building successful businesses in Investment, Legal, Real Estate Development, and International Trading areas. Lemine’s 2014 report card has been impressive: During Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Trade Mission for 2014 APEC in Beijing, LeMine signed a $1 billion 7-year agreement exporting Canadian canola oil to China, representing the largest deal of this Trade Mission; LeMine launched the first Canada- China Development Forum in Ottawa, to promote the idea of “The Global Chinese Dream” and to strengthen bilateral trade and cultural ties; LeMine also organized the largest Chinese overseas flash mob event “Toronto. Chinese Heart” to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of New China, which drew over 50 million clicks on the internet. And last but not least, LeMine’s Real Estate Development success, The Academy Condos has been awarded the top 1 of “the Most Popular Projects of the Year” by Toronto Star, and LeMine Investment Group ranked No. 8 on the GTA’s top high rise builders on RealNet.

As an international student back in 2001, Thomas enthusiastically studied International Development Studies, which focused mainly on Political Science and Economics among different countries. As the founder of Chinese Overseas Student Association of Canada and the newspaper Study Abroad in 2003, Thomas helped many young Chinese students adapt to new life in Canada. As the leader of LeMine Investment Group, Thomas commits himself to building a platform to connect Chinese human power, Chinese capital, Canadian resources, and Canadian culture all together. His dream has never changed. Thomas Liu has turned a dream into reality.

“A Better World,” Thomas emphasizes, “We endeavor to contribute in Canada’s economic development, to optimize Chinese capital in the process of globalization, and to serve the greater good.”

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