October 2015

One World One Dream · Ode to Peace

—— LeMine Investment Group Staged the Epic Show in Toronto to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the World War II Victory

Lemine documentary: Toronto · Chinese Heart 2015 --- An Ode to Peace for 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II

To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the victory of the World War II and China's defeat of Japanese fascist during the World Anti-Fascist War, Lemine Initiative, the philanthropy division of Lemine Investment Group, initiated and organized an epic Chinese community show “One World One Dream · Ode to Peace" on Oct. 3 in Toronto’s Mississauga Living Arts Centre. More than 100 organizations and art troops of the Toronto Chinese community, 1000 performers and 3000 volunteers passionately worked on this Chinese community initiative. Participants range from 3-year-old kid to 92-year-old World War II veteran, from Chinese immigrants to local Canadians. The Lemine and community organization co-organized “One World One Dream · Ode to Peace" show is the largest Chinese community event in 2015 in Canada, with the most participating organizations and individuals, the biggest influence and the largest scale.

Lemine Investment Group’s Lemine Media also spent more than 3 months to produce a 20-minutes documentary Toronto · Chinese Heart 2015., paying homage to the 1 year and a half organizing, over 200 rehearsals and thousands of volunteers behind the success of the “One World One Dream · Ode to Peace" Chinese community show.

The organizer Lemine Investment Group explained their motivation to organize this epic Chinese community initiative. The China Anti-Japanese Fascist War is a major part of the World Anti-Fascist War as its main battlefield in Asia. Both China and Canada, Chinese and Canadians, made major contributions and sacrifices for the victory of the World War II. Lemine Investment Group aims to use its “Ode to Peace" cultural initiative to do its part for world peace, educate this war history to young overseas Chinese, and further the Chinese community’s cohesion and social contribution to Canada.

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