October 2015

Lemine Investment Group invites Ajax’s Economic Investment Mission to China

News Release, Town of Ajax --- Mission to China primes Ajax for more foreign investment

To capitalize on the $180 million of Chinese business investment in Ajax, the Town recently participated in an economic development and investment mission to China.

The Town was invited to China by LeMine Investment Group, who acquired the highly anticipated Grand Harwood Place development in June 2015.

Led by Mayor Steve Parish, the Town delegation participated in four investment seminars, three formal meetings and several cultural experiences in four cities - Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Guilin and Wuxi. The complete trip was documented and can be reviewed at www.ajax.ca/news.

The objective of the mission was twofold – to meet with municipal officials in strategic areas of China to discuss innovative approaches to business development and to build relations and promote future business investment in Ajax.

The Town is quickly becoming a destination for foreign investment and recognizes the importance of these economic development opportunities.


“Chinese culture is founded in the tradition of building respectful relations. The mission provided the opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing investors and attract new investments to Ajax. Municipal and business leaders who met with Ajax officials were impressed with the interest from Canada and would like to work together in the future.”

-  Paul Allore, Director of Planning & Development Services, Town of Ajax

“The next steps for the Town include a proposed Sister City relationship with Guilin and Olympic Gardens development, a potential International Business Incubator and working with LeMine Investment Group to facilitate investor meetings and tours of the Ajax Plaza site.”

-  Lisa Hausz, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism, Town of Ajax


- In late November, the Town welcomed two imminent investors from China and the UK to tour Ajax and the Ajax Plaza site.

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