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LeMine Capital provides a platform for our investors by bridging their investments into worldwide opportunities.
LeMine Equity, the core of LeMine Capital, focuses on building a high-return platform for equity investors. Our high asset value management experts have made investment options for our investors based on their investment needs, asset types, capital market, and economic environment.
LeMine Real Estate Equity’s goal is to provide clients with stable and secure investment plans that are high in return and of low risk. Our specialized equity group help clients obtain and customize the best investment plan, completely based on client’s’ best interest. Having our own development team, enables LeMine Equity to further cater our plans to clients’ need.
LeMine Development, a promoter of urban construction, collaborating closely with LeMine Equity, has improved city management and development and refreshed city landmarks in Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, California, and West Coast of America.


Most Popular High Rise of 2014

A Record made by the Academy Condos

The Academy Condos is a stunning 26 stories high luxury residential condominium nestled in the booming hub of Scarborough, steps fr-om the University of Toronto Scarborough C-ampus neighbouring a number of schools, p-arks, shopping destinations and transit stops. The Academy condos were launched June 2014. With all 339 units sold out within 21 d-ays, it has become a legend in 2014 GTA de-velopment market. LeMine Development t-eam has shown its dedication , hard-workin-g and excellence to the market. This project has been named “Most popular high rise of 2014” (ranked No. 1 on the TOP 5 list) by Toronto Star . LeMine Investment Group ranked No. 8 in the RealNet Canada’s list of GTA-top high rise builders by YTD sal-es and had a market share of 2.9%.

339 Units Sold Out in 21 Days

A Record made by the Academy Condos

If you drove pass Yonge St. and Sheppard Ave. on June 21st, you must have seen this massive lineup in front of small office-like building. Some guessed iPhone 6 was released , yet, it was the Academy Condos’ phenomenal presale. A 339-unit building has attracted more than a thousand people to wait in line for its presale, and more shockingly, all 339 units were sold within 3 weeks! Despite the pre-presale fame, the huge lineup in front of the sales office was still a mind-blower. Value creating was the sole mission for Academy team and is certainly the key to success for Academy team. As pointed by the “Father of Toronto Condos”, Hunter Milborne, who is also the president of the sales team, despite the golden value of location within this project, they have executed the sole mission in every detail such as zoning, planning, designing, constructing and service providing.

Winner of 2015 BILD

People’s Choice Award

2014 Top Builders

GTA-Top High Rise Builders by YTD Sales


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