Central Park Downtown Ajax

Central Park Ajax Development is a 10 year, 18 acre, 6 phase mixed use community development to revitalize and modernize an entire downtown core in Ajax, east Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. After Town of Ajax’s twenty years deliberation, the Project is expected to bring a vibrant downtown life evolving the old town centre into a one-stop urban core of business, living, and entertainment.

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The Academy

The Academy offers a high quality solution to the growing demand for the affordable housing in the area surrounding University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus and at Centennial College. Whether you are considering a condominium for your children attending school, or are looking for a terrific real estate investment with a ready supply of rental tenants, the Academy is the perfect choice.

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Lemine's $1 Billion Canola Oil Export Agreement with China

November 8th, 2014. In China World Trade Center where APEC Summit was held, a contract signing ceremony between Canadian and Chinese companies took place. Led by Canadian trade mission and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, LeMine Investment Group signed a $1 billion canola oil export agreement with China. During his third official visit to China, Prime Minister Stephen Harper witnessed the signing of more than 20 commercial agreements ( total worth over C$25 billion ) between Canadian and Chinese companies and organizations. This has shown the resolution of both countries to get deeper involved in trading and thus strengthens the economic ties. Major firms such as Air Canada, University of Alberta, FTG Aerospace and Suncor Energy, etc. were also participants of this ceremony. Among those commercial agreements, LeMine Investment Group and Bombardier shared the first place with a $1 billion contract with China.